Planning and forecasting without spreadsheets.


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  • Website: opstarts.com
  • About Opstarts

    Opstarts helps businesses create accurate expense and revenue forecasts without spreadsheets. Our unique object graph approach to business modeling transforms the old spreadsheet-based process into a live, dynamic system the whole management team can collaborate on.

    With Opstarts, companies can easily create plans and projections for fundraising and growth planning, optimize resource planning with pricing, marketing, and hiring what-if scenarios, and track performance against plans. Error-prone, hard to debug spreadsheets are replaced with an easy-to-use web application designed for collaboration and integration with data from various business systems. No more misalignments between marketing, sales, and FP&A planning!

    Businesses ranging from startups and SMBs to mid-market companies with tens of millions in revenue use spreadsheets as their primary operational planning tool. Opstarts’ goal is to help these businesses forecast more accurately and make smarter decisions.

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