Outbound Sales made Simple and Effective.
PersistIQ unifies sales communication and workflow into one easy-to-use system.


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    PersistIQ is a sales technology company that blends the core human element of sales with automation where it counts. Our software empowers salespeople to do more and spend time on what matters.

    Individual salespeople can launch personalized drip-style sales campaigns that cover multiple touch points and channels. All the communication is authentic and personalized. Our software eliminates the common mistakes that plague outbound sales; leads falling through the cracks, misformatted emails, crossed lines of communication, forgetting to follow up, or getting the dreaded reply, “You reached out last week and we already scheduled a demo… #fail!” PersistIQ’s powerful platform integrates into your existing workflow, CRM, and marketing automation systems.

    Personalization is key in selling and automation is key in productivity. PersistIQ empowers you to do both.

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