Investor reporting and Cap Table Management for startups and SMEs.


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    Why Entrepreneurs love Reportally:
    1. Better Reporting: out-of-the box powerful, yet easy, company to investor reporting
    2. Cap Table management: the most powerful cap table creator and manager in the world

    “If I had used Reportally’s Cap Table tool before my last funding round, I could have saved myself over $2m bucks”
    John Dang, CEO – (a 500 Startups company)

    Why Investors love Rpeortally:
    1. Clear view of investment positions across private company portfolio
    2. Standardised reporting and cap tables

    “A valuable new approach to support the investment relationship and achieve successful outcomes”
    Jenny Tooth OBE, CEO – UK Business Angel Association

    The free-to-use platform builds on 40+ years of PE/VC experience across team incl. NED, and leverages the best aspects of deal structuring and portfolio management process created for a $500m VC fund.

    Road map:
    – Enabling transaction brokerage
    – Value added services: tax, valuation, legal etc
    – Portfolio management

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