Rollbar provides real-time error tracking services for developers to detect errors in web applications.


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    Rollbar is a full-stack error monitoring platform. Developers use it to find, reproduce, and fix bugs many times faster than legacy solutions (like digging through log files or responding to customer support issues).

    It works by integrating into each part of the application: client (iOS, Android, JS) and server (Ruby, Python, Node, PHP, many others). This gives us code-level visibility on errors that happen in production. When an error is detected, our libraries collect a wealth of data about the error (e.g. which lines of code) and its context (e.g. which user was affected), and report it to our API. Then we analyze, de-dupe, send alerts, and prepare the data for further analysis by the developer.

    Large customers love us our ability to de-dupe millions of errors into root causes that they can search, sort, and prioritize. Teams of all sizes love being able to respond quickly to new bugs that appear in production, and rest easy knowing that when something breaks, Rollbar tells them.

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